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Subject: New sports massage therapist at BP Physio
Category: News
Posted by: Jon Blackburn (04.01.11)

We are glad to welcome Joanna Jeffcoate to our team at Fleming Park Leisure Centre.  Joanna is a qualified sports massage therapist and is now offering SMT sessions from the BP Physio clinic at Fleming Park Leisure Centre.  She is also a personal trainer and has an excellent understanding of the demands that your sport or work activities place on your muscles.

Sports massage is an effective means of reducing muscle discomfort and tightness which is an inevitable side effect of high impact and endurance exercise.  However, it is also very helpful in reducing the muscular pain that we all experience in our back, neck and shoulders as a result of everyday working and family life.  Regular sports massage is a great way to reduce the risk of you muscles becoming tight and painful!

For an appointment with Joanna, please give us a call on 07789 723999 or email us at clinic@bp-physio.co.uk