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Back & Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a very common symptom in todays society where we often sit for long periods of time and work under considerable pressure.  Pain can be caused by overuse of your neck muscles, strain or injury of your joints, or irritation of the nerves that exit your neck.  Neck pain can be associated with arm pain due to chemical or mechanical irritation of a nerve (sometimes referred to as nerve entrapment or a trapped nerve).  Headaches can also be caused by stiffness and pain in your neck.  At our Eastleigh and Wickham clinics, our physiotherapists will assess you in detail on your first appointment.  If we feel that there is any other possible cause for your neck pain we can refer you to your GP or a Specialist Consultant for further investigations, such as blood tests, x-ray or MRI scan.  Physiotherapy treatment of your neck pain may involve joint mobilisation or manipulation, soft tissue massage, exercises to recover the range of movement in your neck, and muscle balance exercises to improve your neck muscle strength and posture.

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