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Back & Neck Pain


Sciatic pain is caused by compression/tethering (sometimes referred to as a "trapped nerve") or irritation (mechanical or chemical) of the Sciatic nerve or any of it's Nerve Roots, in the lower back or at other points along it's path where it passes between muscles and bone.  It is often associated with pin & needles, numbness, and sometimes, weakness in the leg. It is important to get your symptoms assessed by a medical professional to exclude any serious pathology that might be causing your sciatica.  However, while these symptoms are often very painful, it is important to remember that in most cases, with prescribed pain killers (analgesia) and appropriate physiotherapy, the symptoms will resolve within 8-12 weeks. 

Your physiotherapist can help to reduce you sciatica with Manipulation, Mobilisation, Massage, and exercises to improve the flexibility of your back and the normal movement of your sciatic nerve.

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