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Sports Injuries

Knee Cartilages

The Medial and Lateral Menisci are the inner and outer cartilages of the knee.  They work as shock absorbers within the knee and are subjected to considerable forces during high impact sport, particularly if it involves rotational or twisting movements of the knee.  A meniscal tear can result in pain, swelling, catching, locking, or instability in the knee and is often associated with ligament injury.  Other problems with the knee such as Patellofemoral Maltracking, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, Ligament tears, Patella Tendonosis, Fat Pad Impingement (Hoffa's Syndrome) and Bursitis can lead to similar symptoms, so it is important to get your knee assessed by a properly qualified physiotherapist (see HPC registered physiotherapists), sports injuries doctor or orthopaedic surgeon.  Your knee may require bracing, arthroscopic partial menisectomy, or meniscal repair, but often it will settle with appropriate physiotherapy treatment and effective strengthening.

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